A Surfboard For Life: waves meet charity
At auction the table created by Riccardo Lapasin and designed by Vincenzo Ganadu. The entire proceeds will be
donated to the Fondazione Arco and the Fondazione Città della Speranza
For a surfer, going on the waves can be the metaphor of life: fatigue, fear, adrenaline.
and the courage, to try to ride the waves, to have fun and also to lose and get lost sometimes, finally
surfacing again at the water’s surface and enjoying nature and breathing to the fullest. That’s the story.
of “A Surfboard For Life”, a project conceived by the historical board maker Riccardo Lapasin together
to surf artist Vincenzo Ganadu.
Perhaps for the first time in Italy surfing meets charity. From Saturday 20 November
will be auctioned a surfboard created specifically for one purpose: to raise funds to be used
research against cancer. Both longtime surfers, Lapasin and Ganadu have known each other as
athletes in competitions during the 1990s and came together for this important collaboration. Ganadu,
A few years ago, he discovered that he had a serious heart condition that forced him to have a
a subcutaneous defibrillator and a lengthy rehabilitation. Lapasin fought against a
Cancer and he had to have an amputation of his left leg. That is why we need to be able to
something together, combining your passion for surfing, leaving a tangible mark and
positive for society.
The board of the project “A Surfboard for Life” was shaped by Riccardo Lapasin and painted by Vincenzo
Ganadu with his technique of wide brush strokes. It is an eight-foot (8’00” x 23” x 3”” full measures), in
High density polystyrene, then painted with acrylic colours and finally resin with epoxy resin. Mount one
large nine-inch central fin. The style of the board is inspired by the great surfer Greg Noll,
Missing last June. It is a unique piece and all its elements, from the fin to the glass for
the leash attachment, was made by hand. The proceeds of the sale will be used entirely for the
Fondazione Arco and the Fondazione Città della Speranza, active in research and patient care
oncology. The table is available on the e-Bay platform at this link
(https://www. ebay. it/itm/384483111241) and the auction will close on 30 November.
“This board was created with the heart, the passion and the love for all those people who have struggled
and fight against cancer – have commented Lapasin and Ganadu – we hope to have a great
feedback from the surfing community, and maybe even collectors: it will be a great success for
we can all give our contribution and above all hope to all the sick. ”
20 November 2021

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