Ganadu’s painting is characterized by most impressionist touch, realized in action, without definitions: in this movement the act of surfing is proposed again as a fluid action, since the act is neither repeated nor imposed.The pictorial style sums up the athlete’s movement on the surfboard at the precise moment of the wave.This technique is a voluntary act of the artist, for which the pictorial gesture must be understood as an unrepeatable gesture, not to be confused with photography or illustration.Artistic production ranges from painting to sculpture, from body painting to murals, a surf-art whose commonde nominator is a shared harmony.Vincenzo Ganadu is a complete and innovative artist at the same time, ableto revive art, whenever his spirit demands it.




Vincenzo Ganadu

surf-art-ganadu-logoBorn at Sassari in 1973 where he went to the Istituto d’Arte. He specialized in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art of Bologna and Sassari, where in 2001-2002 he taught Sculpture Techniques. He collaborates with the sculptor Pinuccio Sciola, the artist Vittorio Calvi and Angelo Pilloni. His work is presented in many different public and private galleries in Italy and abroad. Recently some of his paintings have been used to stage a TV-Show called ‘Rocky Point’ produced by Warner Bros, and shot on the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii, and exhibited in the most important international Surf Art Show in San Paulo of Brazil.

The characteristic works of Vincenzo Ganadu’s repertoire bring to the mind his native land and the enthusiasm of young people for nature. His artistic formation has matured with studies orientated towards the valorisation of his potential attitudes towards painting and sculpture.

The expressive means of  Vincenzo Ganadu feel the effects of the composition. In his paintings we are in front of a game, brilliantly resolved between informal and figurative, as one can admire in the suggestive images bound to the world of surfing.

The stupefying wave that rises, in the middle of the agitated sea, offers to the young artist chromatic structures well designed within a rich geometry of counterpoints, of tones which accentuate the colour contrast of full effect.

Vincenzo Ganadu inserts the human figure on these backgrounds using short strokes, creating a vivid emotion, which is a determining factor. The incisive gesture of the man, balancing on his surfboard in the middle of the waves, animates and moves the observer because of the rapid touch of the colours made by the brush, without contour lines.

His research is not only psychological or formal, but is a spontaneous source of his artistic personality: tension, explosions, force of instant vitality and burning dynamic felicity are strong characteristics of his works.

about_worksOriginal Surf Art Paintings

The wide variety of painted images by Ganadu Art is all here and is the fruit of 15 years of artistic activity where surfing has always been the source of inspiration.

They are original works which are appreciated for their distinct style throughout the world, as evidenced by the various publications and organisations who have used them over the years for things as diverse as calendars, event posters (surfing contests), trophies, stamps for t-shirts, and even covers for magazines – the list goes on!

The works of Ganadu Art can be found across the globe in places such as France, Portugal, California, Peru, Brazil, Hawaii, Australia and China, where they add colour and style to the homes of iconic figures from the world of surfing. Examples of these can be found in the section “Gallery Exibitions“.