Surf girls dive into the water and dance on the waves. Like mermaids, like queens
amidst the foam, splendid sparkling ladies in the August light. They move sinuously on
boards and canvas. They are gifted with the colours of the rainbow. Sky-blue at dawn,
bathed in gold at sunset.
There is a specific goal beyond Vincenzo Ganadu’s intricate and interwoven network
of thoughts, concepts and dreamlike artistic images. First of all is the desire to look at
these girls, to admire them and to glorify them. There is a need to put colour on the
canvas, to highlight their active sporty intelligence and gestures of balance and power.
There is a need to depict them immersed in the sea, to present their expressions and
long, wet hair, the lines of their legs and hips and breasts, as their hands stretch out.
There is the attempt to allow everyone to experience their perfume, their voices and
show their powerful and persistent eroticism, their elegance.

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