Il Temerario by Vincenzo Ganadu is a work of art that came out of a challenge by the master Pinuccio Sciola during his time at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari, when he asked his students to take inspiration from Nuraghic bronzes in order to develop new figures with a historic flavour.
Ganadu accepted the challenge and created a series of archers and lancers who move within their bronze form. Among these, il Temerario stands out for its link with the sea, something with which Ganadu is viscerally linked.
Il Temerario is the representation of man facing life’s challenges, the sea with its waves representing the tests that regularly recur and which provoke him to the point of challenging him. Il Temerario faces them in order to overcome them.
He stands in silence, representing those who accept these challenges both in surfing and life.
So here is the idea of creating a statue dedicated to surfers from all over the world. The link with art and the inspiration of Maestro Sciola has not been betrayed at all. Just as in the Nuraghic age, when statues came to life from bronze like the giants of Sinis di Monti Prama, so the Temerario, himself a giant, is at the end of this artistic cycle.
Giacomo Paglietti

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